Palo Santo Fruit Spray

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“Namaspray “Raise Your Vibration”

100% Pure Palo Santo Fruit Essential Oil, Magnetized Distilled Water, Organic Alcohol

2 oz. Amber Glass Bottle with Spray pump.

Comes in hand stamped recycled brown box. Perfect for gifting.

Each spray comes securely fastened with screw top and two sprayers.

Handwritten inspirational pop up from founder, Mimi.




Palo Santo Fruit Spray

Maison Palo Santo has brought you their exotic Palo Santo Fruit Essential Oil in an easy to use fragrance mist. Palo Santo Fruit is highly sought after for high end perfumes, and this spray gives you an intense experience of this sensational aroma. The natural fragrance uplifts your mood instantly and raises your vibrational frequency. This elevates your consciousness and balances your emotions which allows you to remain relaxed, yet aware.

This is the fastest way to cleanse your immediate space with just a spritz! The powerful properties of the energy cleansing Palo Santo will instantly refresh your focus, boost your mood and leave your area smelling amazing. You will immediately benefit in mind, body and spirit! Palo Santo fruit essential oil is full of antioxidants and shares similar terpenes and limonenes of the wood that are proven to have anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties!

You can also use this spritz in your:

    • Home & Office
    • Yoga studio/meditation space
    • Car
    • Bathroom
    • Kitchen
    • Linens
    • Gym/Yoga Bag/Mat
    • As a natural perfume fragrance

Palo Santo Fruit Spray is 100% Pure and Concentrated

We have the utmost respect for the many teachers before us that laid the foundation for these amazing rituals we can still incorporate into our modern day lives.

Our biggest hope is that this spray will remind you just how radiant and luminous you truly are.

**Never ingest this spray and check with your doctor first if you have any sensitivity to essential oils. If using around the face, do not ingest and avoid contact with eyes. Always treat essential oils with caution and do not use essential oils on pregnant women, babies, kids or animals.**


Buying ethically-sourced Palo Santo supports the conservation of Palo Santo habitats. The demand for Palo Santo wood means the communities will continue to plant more Palo Santo trees and creates an economic opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Ecuadorian law states only indigenous people can work with Palo Santo which helps protect this precious commodity.

We work with a single-origin Palo Santo community from the Manabi region of coastal Ecuador and guarantee their sustainability practices by working to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem that provides this magical tree. With your purchase, Maison Palo Santo provides funding to the community to plant more Palo Santo trees and creates jobs for women in particular, creating a domino effect of health and prosperity throughout the village.


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  1. Zach Bowen (verified owner)

    I cannot even express how much I love this product and the way it changed the feeling of the space I use it in. I simply can’t get enough! From the first spray Red put into the air, it hit gently floated down onto my face, and I was hooked! I love these two beautiful souls! I am a lifelong customer 💯

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Fun Facts

Palo Santo Fruit is one of the most sought after essential oils in the perfume industry!</p>

Palo Santo Fruit grows like berries in small clusters and are bright green in color.  A popular snack amongst parrots, they are deposited naturally in the forest and act as seeds for natural regeneration.

Palo Santo trees actually bear flowers of where the fruit comes from.The flowers are petite and bear beautiful yellow and white petals and blossom in the winter months.

BOTANICAL NAME: Bursera Graveolens




AROMATIC SCENT: Fruity, Floral, Citruy, Woody, Fresh

WHAT DOES THE NUMBER MEAN ON EACH CANDLE LABEL? The number signifies the longitude and latitude of where the essential oil is from! Each one of our candles is based with Palo Santo 1° plus the additional essential of the correlating coordinates!



Palo Santo Fruit Spray Mantra

While you use your spray, simply repeat a simple sentence to yourself, preferably out loud. Here are some examples to get the most out of your experience!

  1. As a creature on this earth, I am worthy of being loved and cherished by others. My worth is untarnished by my imperfections or the way others see me.
  2. I am doing an amazing job at ______________________.
  3. Perfection impedes progress. I am moving towards my goals step by step.
  4. I understand the power of my self-talk and choose to select positivity over all.