Palo Santo Roller

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“Protect your energy with functional fragrance”

Enjoy the healing, grounding, and protective benefits of pure raw Palo Santo essential oil paired with moisturizing organic jojoba oil for instant aromatherapy.

Convenient packaging for stress relief, relaxation and calming properties you can use anywhere, anytime.

Comes in gift ready black box with bonus Palo Santo Stick.

Available size: 10 ML



Palo Santo Roller

Palo Santo essential oil is healing, grounding, and protective. The powerful properties of the terpenes in Palo Santo (the chemical compound which gives off the scent) binds to our brains and nervous system, creating both physiological and psychological balance and a strong bond to abundance.

This richly aromatic and potent oil has high levels of D-Limonene. The terpene has many therapeutic properties. The essential oil we source is distilled according to the lunar cycle. This ensures the maximum energetic properties are in the oil. Ecuador is on the equator, so the geography of Mother Earth alone plays a part in the balance.


Directions: Gently roll on pressure points or anywhere you may feel tension or pain in the body. The fragrance is natural, comforting and long lasting. Great to refresh while traveling.. Use as a quick reset to combat fatigue and digital overload at work. Can also be used as a prep for meditation, yoga or other self care practices.

Benefits: Palo Santo has the power to purify while re-establishing peace and balance. Raising your vibration by keeping energies grounded and pure, Palo Santo makes it easier to reach a deeper connection to your inner self. Palo Santo is considered a direct path to divinity, increasing concentration and strengthening the bond with the earth.

The euphoric sensations from Palo Santo travel through the electromagnetic fields of our brains and hearts. This is why we attract love, money, good fortune, creativity, success, pain relief, and stress relief, and perpetuate peace with each use. Palo Santo has anti-inflammatory properties of the mind and the body. It will purify your atmosphere while soothing you and inspiring deep transformation. It is mysterious and captivating and promotes self-confidence.


Buying ethically-sourced Palo Santo actually supports the conservation of Palo Santo habitats. The demand for Palo Santo wood means the communities will continue to plant more Palo Santo trees and creates an economic opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t exist, especially for women! Ecuadorian law states only indigenous people can work with Palo Santo. At times, this could be their only source of income.

We work with a single-origin Palo Santo community from the Manabi region of coastal Ecuador and guarantee their sustainability practices by working to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem that provides this magical tree. With your purchase, Maison Palo Santo provides funding to the community to plant more Palo Santo trees and creates jobs for women in particular, creating a domino effect of health and prosperity throughout the village.


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  1. Joella Autorino (verified owner)

    I love the fragrance of this Palo Santo oil roller. Palo Santo essential oils can smell so intense, but there is something about this oil that is very attractive. Whenever I wear this oil, people always ask me what I’m wearing. This Palo Santo oil is unlike any other I’ve smelled.

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Fun Facts

It can take up to 10 years to produce the oil and to get it concentrated in the tree trunk. Only tree branches that fall naturally to the ground are used to make this oil. The average life of the tree of Palo Santo is between 80 and 90 years.

Palo Santo bears yellow flowers and small, green fruit.

The best part of the tree for distilling the essential oil is called El Corazon, which translates to “the Heart.”

Once the essential oil is distilled from the wood, the wood is used for fertilizer. 100% no waste!

BOTANICAL NAME: Bursera Graveolens




AROMATIC SCENT: Palo Santo Essential Oil has a fresh, intense woody aroma with a slight hint of citrus.

Palo Santo Roller Mantra

I am paying attention on purpose to the present moment.