Palo Santo and Tangerine Candle 12

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Palo Santo and Tangerine Essential Oil Aromatherapy Candle “Bohemian Chic in a jar”

The only candle in our line with with 4 essential oils!

Candle comes hand-wrapped in green tissue paper, brown box with a custom label.

Available in two sizes: 4oz. Candle or 9oz. Candle

Great for gifting. Free personalized gift wrapping available with handwritten pop up note from founder, Mimi.

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Enjoy the holistic relief and the rich scent of our sustainably distilled, 100% pure palo santo essential oil aromatherapy candle. This candle exudes a raw, crisp, clean, woody, minty scent that has a long-lingering aroma. The scent cushions the room without even being lit. The scent can stay in the room for hours even after putting it out.

Never any harmful ingredients or side effects! Made from pure, all natural USA soy wax; no synthetic or petroleum wax; phthalate, paraben and sulfate free; non-GMO and 100% non-toxic. Our jars and lids are heat resistant and reusable. Your candle was proudly made in the USA personally by the founder

PALO SANTO AND TANGERINE CANDLE 12: It took months to formulate the exact ratio of these powerful essential oils. The only candle with 4 essential oils in the line, this dance between scents did not happen by mistake. The base of the Palo Santo sets the scene for the playful tangerine to brighten the stage which is balanced by the earthy, grassy undertones of the vetiver sprinkled with a just a dash of the exotic flower jasmine. This candle is very special as it incorporates the essential oils from wood, grass, peel and flower – making it the complete collection nature can offer. *bring gentle attention to each part of yourself, to let go and recharge* – The entourage effect of the oils combined quiets emotional chatter, balances your emotions and eases you into luxurious relaxation.

BENEFITS: This candle promotes balance with its underlying earthiness and this in turn creates a calming effect which is great to use in a night time bath ritual! The ultra luxurious combination of  ancient essential oils brings you closer to your true self and conjures a connection to the world from even millennia ago. Promotes optimism and makes you feel beautiful on the inside and out.  Its mood lifting properties boosts the powerful motivating properties in the palo santo. When used together it can increase efficiency – whether that means you need to focus more, or whether you need to chill out more! The jasmine works with the Palo Santo to increase its strong aphrodisiac properties. Since the Palo Santo is already there to attract love and good fortune, it’s a power combo to boost self confidence!

RECYCLABLE AMBER JAR: When you have finished your candle, simply wash out the jar and use for small plants, decorative items or other personal treasures.

CANDLE CARE TIPS: To burn properly make sure you leave your candle lit until the wax melts to the side of the glass. This is especially important the first time you light it! For best results burn for no more than 3 hours at a time, and trim wick as necessary. You should aim to keep your wick at a max of 1/4 in to keep your candle looking as beautiful as it was the day your received it. If you have any questions on when and how to trim the wick please reach out to us. Remember never leave candles unattended.

SUPPORT REFORESTATION! Each candle bought plants one tree in an annual reforestation project in Ecuador. Maison Palo Santo is from nature, for nature. You can feel good about burning these holistic, high quality candles. Great for balancing chakras and perpetuating peace.

1 review for Palo Santo and Tangerine Candle 12

  1. Letty Gutierrez-Bujak (verified owner)

    What a perfect treat for yourself of as a gift. I ordered this for my home office and love it. Even the jar is on point and I plan to reuse it. The packaging and the personal note made the arrival of the candle extra special. That is a long lost art the big companies just can’t compete with. The candle is a little bit of heaven on earth. It burns nicely. It’s clean and it provides nice aroma, tranquility and an all around positive aura.

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Fun Facts

It can take 8000 flowers to make one gram of jasmine essential oil - only 2 of the 200 species are used for essential oil making it very valuable! The roots of the vetiver grass grow 3-4 meters vertically under them as opposed to horizontally like most grasses! This is the only candle in our line that uses all the different extraction methods for essential oils!

BOTANICAL NAME: Citrus reticulata/Jasminum sambac/Vetiveria zizanioides
PLANT PART: Fruit Peels/Roots/Petals
EXTRACTION METHOD: Cold pressed/solvent extractioNn/steam distillation
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Brazil/India/Haiti
AROMATIC SCENT: Floral, Earthy, Grassy, Citrus, Distinctive, exotic with light smoky undertone.

WHAT DOES THE NUMBER MEAN IN EACH CANDLE LABEL? The number signify the longitude and latitude of where the essential oil is from! Each one of our candles is based with Palo Santo 1° plus the additional essential of from the correlating coordinates!


Tangerine Candle Mantra

You know how important it is to take your time, think, reflect and act wisely. All of your essential needs are met so you can approach life with a stable foundation – yet a great sense of adventure and spontaneity. You love what you do, and if at times you don’t – you aren’t afraid of change! You embrace challenges with a light heart and a big smile. You are stylish, vibrant, exotic and people admire your inner and outer beauty. You have a way with words and know that language is the energy of the soul. You sleep well, sleep deeply and dream vividly.