Palo Santo Liquid Gold Limited Edition Candle

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“Because All Natural can be GLAM!”

Our signature scent with a new outfit! Recreate the exotic experience with the one and ONLY pure Palo Santo candle. Specially-created limited-edition, complete with a double wick.

Candle comes hand-wrapped in gold tissue paper and a hand-stamped brown box made of 100% recycled materials. Hand-tied golden bow around the box. Perfect for gifting.

Available size: 12 oz. candle

Burn time: 75 hours

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Palo Santo Liquid Gold Limited Edition Candle

Our Pure Palo Santo Liquid Gold Limited Edition Candle is inspired by the value essential oils have held since biblical times. It was said that the precious oils were worth more than their weight in gold. Although we no longer use these precious oils as currency, at Maison Palo Santo, we still appreciate the incredible value of pure Palo Santo essential oil, and thought it only fair to deliver the healing power of nature in luxurious style.

Never any harmful ingredients or side effects! Made from pure, all-natural USA-sourced soy wax. No synthetic or petroleum wax. Free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. Zinc-free and lead-free, no additives (UV inhibitors/binders stabilizers or artificial colors). Non-GMO and 100% non-toxic. Raw Palo Santo is a high-grade therapeutic healing tool.

Our candles are never INFUSED with essential oils. PURE ESSENTIAL oils are the first ingredient in our formulas. This ensures that you reap the benefits of these powerful and potent oils through aromatherapy.

Recyclable gold glass jar with gold lid. When you’re finished burning your candle, simply wash out the jar and use it for small plants, decorative items, or other personal treasures.


Uplift yourself this season and enjoy a deeper connection with spirit and magic. This limited-edition candle is the perfect addition to a room or seasonal altar that helps you tap into the mysterious and sacred energies of Yuletide.

The expertise, care, and time it takes to harvest Palo Santo wood, distill the oil, and handcraft each candle reminds us of the long journeys people used to take in the days of essential oil trading — perhaps just one in their lifetime! This candle comes with an originally produced meditation song by world-renowned DJ Cherish the Luv and our founder, Mimi Daraa.

Benefits: Gold is precious… just as you are. Gold is known to be soothing and harmonizing. Allow this pure Palo Santo candle adorned in festive holiday colors be your path to divinity this season. Keep yourself grounded amidst the flurry and whirlwind of activity. Strengthen your bond, wind with the Earth, and keep your energies clear. Invite even more joy and beauty into your home.


Buying ethically-sourced Palo Santo supports the conservation of Palo Santo habitats. The demand for Palo Santo wood means the communities will continue to plant more Palo Santo trees and creates an economic opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Ecuadorian law states only indigenous people can work with Palo Santo which helps protect this precious commodity.

We work with a single-origin Palo Santo community from the Manabi region of coastal Ecuador and guarantee their sustainability practices by working to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem that provides this magical tree. With your purchase, Maison Palo Santo provides funding to the community to plant more Palo Santo trees and creates jobs for women in particular, creating a domino effect of health and prosperity throughout the village.


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2 reviews for Palo Santo Liquid Gold Limited Edition Candle

  1. Joella Autorino (verified owner)

    This candle is spectacular! I love the fragrance! Whether lit or not, the fragrance is soft and comforting. I really enjoy how the candle burns very slow. The gold container is gorgeous. This is a very special candle. I’m going to order more for holiday gifts 🙂

  2. Staci Levine (verified owner)

    WOW! The gold glass candle outside is so stunning but what’s inside is even more beautiful. I’m obsessed with the smell and the candle burns slowly and evenly, clearly a quality product. The attention to detail is amazing!

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Fun Facts

Gold liquifies at 1,947° F! Although it is legal to liquify gold in the USA, it is illegal to liquify pennies and nickels.

To further illustrate the value of this precious metal: the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that there are about 57,000 tons still in the ground around the world. If we were to dig it up and melt it together, the cube we would get would only stand as tall as an adult-size giraffe.

Although Palo Santo as a tree is not endangered, the biome itself is threatened, with less than 1% of the dry tropical forest left. Planting Palo Santo trees is an integral part of the reforestation effort.

Dry tropical forests have received far less attention from research and development interventions as compared to the humid tropical forests. So let’s bring some attention to it!

Palo Santo Liquid Gold Limited Edition Candle Mantra

I am strong. I am beautiful. I am whole. I am wanted. I give and receive love.